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Tesania is the only survivor after her village and family are massacred by magically altered beasts. In the aftermath of the attack she senses her father’s sword calling out to her, the hilt reforming to fit her small hand as she draws the blade from its sheath.

With its magic tingling at her nerves, she embarks on a mission of revenge. A meeting with a King’s ranger not only diverts her to the royal city but also awakens emotions she has never felt before.

The King tasks her with destroying the orb that holds the life force of the evil mage Trannyth’s beasts.

Could her father’s sword be the ancient weapon spoken of in the decaying parchments of the Tenule chronicles, imbued with magic and forged with blood?

Can it possibly make the difference when she stands before Trannyth and demands her vengeance on his beasts?
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A writer of Fantasy who spends most of his life wide awake in dreamland.
Australian author of the international selling Tesania series.