A writer of Fantasy who spends most of his life wide awake in dreamland.
Grant E Brazell
TESANIA - Trannyth's Keep
The stones of Issroth
TESANIA - Tiadath Mage
Four years on from her battle against Trannyth and his beasts, Tesania must once again set forth in pursuit of an evil mage.

Princess Ailara awakes to a nightmare. Unrecognized by her family and closest confidants she and her two siblings are thrown into the streets amongst beggars and theives. Now she must travel to the far ends of the Kingdom, determined to discover who controls her parents and the fate of her people.
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Tesania is the only survivor after her village and family are massacred by magically altered beasts. In the aftermath of the attack she senses her father’s sword calling out to her, the hilt reforming to fit her small hand as she draws the blade from its sheath.

With its magic tingling at her nerves, she embarks on a mission of revenge. A meeting with a King’s ranger not only diverts her to the royal city but also awakens emotions she has never felt before.

The King tasks her with destroying the orb that holds the life force of the evil mage Trannyth’s beasts.

Could her father’s sword be the ancient weapon spoken of in the decaying parchments of the Tenule chronicles, imbued with magic and forged with blood?

Can it possibly make the difference when she stands before Trannyth and demands her vengeance on his beasts?
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About me

I was born in Sydney Australia in 1966 to parents of English heritage. I have been a Fantasy buff for decades and spend most of my life wide awake in dreamland. I currently live in Rooty Hill, Australia, with my wife, one son and two cats.

I have many influences in my writing. My early love of fantasy and indeed reading came when I was still at school and I picked up The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. From there I read fantasy voraciously. Authors such as David Eddings, Margaret Weis to name a few enthralled me. Between readings I dreamed of my own adventures and the desire to write was firmly implanted. Life though got in the way and it was another 30 years before I would put pen to paper. The result was TESANIA. I hope you enjoy!

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